No Bake Cheesecake Bars
Delicious no-bake cheesecake bars. Curb any cheesecake craving with these creamy, no-bake, easy to make cheesecake bars.
Servings Prep Time
12Bars 25Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
1Hour 8+Hours
Servings Prep Time
12Bars 25Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
1Hour 8+Hours
Jam filling
Graham Crumb Base
Cheesecake Filling
Jam filling
  1. Add all your jam ingredients to a small saucepan.
  2. Simmer on low for approximately an hour until reduced and thick. Stirring occasionally.
  3. Once thickened and holds a line when you run a spoon through the mix, remove from heat and allow to cool completely. I suggest overnight in the fridge.
  4. If you wish to remove seeds, do so before cooling. Pass your fruit mixture through a sieve.
Graham base
  1. This step can be done and placed in fridge overnight with jam.
  2. Place crumbs, sugar, salt, and melted butter in a bowl and mix until well combined
  3. Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper (makes it easier to remove)
  4. Evenly spread your crumb mixture over the base of the pan
  5. Press down firmly with the base of a glass to pack in the crumbs. You want to be able to hold the finished bar in your hand without it crumbling. Once finished refrigerate so that when you add the jam and spread it, the crumbs don’t lift.
Cheesecake filling
  1. First start by ‘Blooming’ your gelatine. Place your cold water in a microwave safe dish, add gelatine powder. Stir and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes (while you prep rest of filling)
  2. In a stand mixer (or using a hand mixer) Whip your heavy cream until soft peak.
  3. Once soft peaks form, remove from mixer and place in a bowl. Add your softened cream cheese to your mixer (no need to clean it between). Mix on high until smooth and creamy
  4. Add salt, and half the icing sugar. Mix on low (to avoid splatter) until combined, then add other half of icing sugar
  5. Warm gelatine mixture in microwave for 15-20 second until clear and fluid.
  6. Slowly pour into cheesecake mixture. And stir until fully incorporated
  7. Now, in thirds, add whip cream, and mix until incorporated, then add vanilla. Whip for additional 2 minutes. Mixture should be smooth, creamy and fluffy.
Assembly of bars
  1. Let’s assemble
  2. Take your jam and spread it evenly over the graham crumb base
  3. Then pour your cheesecake filling over the jam
  4. Spread evenly and add a hand full of fresh berries scattered over the top. If using something like a strawberry or large berries, slice Or chop them into more manageable pieces. Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight before slicing.
  5. To slice. Lift the cheesecake out of the pan using the edges of the parchment paper. Use a sharp knife dipped in hot water, and clean the blade between each cut.
  6. Cut the tray in half and then into 12 bars
Recipe Notes

Not a fan of fruit?!
omit the fruit jam and make a delicious vanilla no bake cheesecake bar. Maybe top it with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce … ENJOY!