Mulled Apple Butter
Apple butter is a delicious spread for your favorite bread, but kick it up a notch with these fall spices and you will find yourself licking the bowl!
    1. Add all ingredients into a sauce pan.
    2. Boil on medium-high for 20-30 minutes (when apples are very soft)
    3. Using a sieve or chinois sieve pass the mixture (apples and all the liquid) through. You are basically making an apple sauce.
    4. Once completely strained, cook on medium for 45-75 minutes. Stirring frequently.
    5. this stage you are looking to evaporate as much liquid as possible leaving you with a nice thick spreadable “butter”
    6. Allow to cool!
    Recipe Notes

    Things you may need.
    chinois sieve
    apple butter

    If you use store bought (no hard feelings, I know sometimes time isn’t on our side!)
    Add 1 cup of apple butter to a saucepan, add orange zest, orange juice and spices.
    Heat on low for 25 minutes

    Allow to cool before using

    Add some spice to your life!